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Product IconPurchase A Song Manager System

If you want to purchase more than just the software then we would love to help you. If you are are based in the UK or Europe we can supply a complete system pre-installed with the software. We will also do on-site installation and training.

If you only want to purchase the software you can do this in our online shop, or if you cannot pay by card or paypal you can contact us to be invoiced and pay by cheque or direct bank transfer.

Purchase a complete song manager systemWe can provide the following:

  • Standard Desktop Computers with normal or touchscreen monitor
  • Standard or Touchscreen Laptops
  • All-in-one computers (standard or touchscreen)
  • USB Footswitch for hands-free control - great for guitarists
  • Wireless access point or wired networking (hub and cable)
  • Setup (either supplied pre-configured or on-site)
  • On-site installation and training

Get a FREE Quotation

We love to hear from you to help you select the best system and to give you a free quotation for a complete system. If you would like

  • a quote for some or all of the above
  • need something that is not on the above list
  • like to order but not pay online / by card

please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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